• To establish a centre for Religious activities including Prayers, Havan, Rituals and Worship for Hindu community.
  • To offer facilities for performance of religious ceremonies and functions with visiting/ resident priest ( Purohit) to conduct rituals, prayers, puja, havan and to provide spiritual advice to the community.
  • To provide a library of religious, cultural and educational books/ CD’s/DVD’s/ periodicals for promotion of better understanding of Vedic Dharma and community cohesiveness.
  • To provide facility for local school to give insight, information, lectures and demonstration of rituals of Vedic Religion (Hindu) for the purpose of Religious Education (RE).
  • To provide facilities and resources for healthy lifestyle to alleviate sickness using activities like Yoga, Meditation, Healthy Eating workshops using community kitchen.
  • To provide a venue for community activities and events.

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